4 November 2019

These are not the first words that I’ve ever written on a blog. Blogs don’t have a beginning and an end in the same way that essays or books might. The words that we put on the Internet, they tend to stick around, and the words from yesteryear, from MySpace and Tumblr, Wordpresses and whatnot, orbit around our persons, never quite finding a place.

How many introductions, how many statements of intent, how many self-congratulations or flagellations, how many false starts and deleted pages, how many About Me’s” that should never see the the blue light of day? And yet, here again, another one, just because.

I’ve been enamoured with Blot’s simplicity for a while. Combined with the hosting and service provided, the gorgeous themes, and the ability to keep all the .txt files, I’m quite happy to have signed up. Hopefully, I’ll end up saying more rather than less on this blog.

On the name, Junglefowl” — there is a flock of these birds, you could call them chickens, who live nearby on the single, relatively uncultivated side of the hill where I live. They are beautiful creatures, but probably only so because it is so rare to see such flourishes of nature in my daily life. What does it mean for the blog? It is probably not very clear to me, either. But for a name, it will do.


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