18 July 2020

Blog Posts as Geological Strata

Geological Strata

One of the things that I used to be very worried about when blogging was thematic consistency. What was a blog if not a collection of posts on a certain topic or set of topics which were related in some way? This blog certainly has gone out of hand in that regard, with a mix of posts about drawing, theology, law, politics, and gaming.

I say used to be”, because I’ve given up on maintaining the purity of this blog. I’ve now come to realise that part of the fun of having a blog with variety is to see the blog as a cross-section of the interests I entertain at any given point in time. The recent few months have focused more on theology and the Bible, as I’ve been trying to get myself re-focused on the pursuit of God. Before that, there was a bit more on drawing and gaming, and before that, many more posts on law and politics. Each, of course, remains an interest, but in that sense, keeping this public record of posts is a good way of delving deeper into my own past.

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