11 August 2020

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Grognardia: a mainstay of the OSR blogging scene. Last post 11 December 2012.

I’m on a bit of a blog-reading spree at the moment, gathering more information on the Old School Renaissance” in RPGs.

One fascinating thing I’ve noticed is that many defunct blogs on Blogspot are still online. This has allowed me to browse posts from years ago, even though the the blogs themselves have become inactive since then.

It struck me that this was only possible because those blogs were not self-hosted. If they were, once the blog became inactive, the temptation to stop paying for the hosting could kick in. How many of these old blogs would be still online if their owners had to pay a monthly fee to keep them up? Probably none! Of course, there are ways around this, but it may be one of the great side-effects of the Blogspot era that these old blogs continue to pepper the landscape, like long-abandoned towns with everything left intact, allowing wanderers like me to stumble into them.

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