9 December 2019

Ex-Offenders Given Free Smartphones as Part of Reintegration

More than 30 former offenders received a free mobile phone with a six-month unlimited data plan on Monday (Dec 9) to help them reconnect with family and friends.

Project Give A Line, Change A Life, which also aims to help them familiarise themselves with technology, was launched officially at Selarang Halfway House in Changi.

The initiative is by non-profit group Industrial & Services Co-Operative Society (Iscos), which helps former inmates and their families, and the smartphones come pre-loaded with the new Iscos app that was also launched on the day.

This project illustrates just how much the smartphone has become a default for most people, to the point of becoming a necessity. Will it eventually have the status of an inalienable right?

I don’t think that it is beyond the realm of possibility that we will soon see certain first-world governments giving smartphones and related technologies as entitlements for each citizen.

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