• Add a page for Tags”
  • Draft an About” page
  • Edit theme to show tags on the front page
  • Refine how tags are showing on the front page [No longer relevant given that I’m shifting to Default”.]
  • Design a logo for Junglefowl” [I’ve decided to just use a photograph of red junglefowl that I took]

24 December 2019

  • I realised that the permalinks of the posts were getting unwieldy, so I’ve just changed them to YYYYMMDDHHMM. Not so pretty, but practical. No one is going to navigate to these pages through typing the URLs anyway.

23 December 2019

  • I’ve drafted a brief About” page which is satisfactory although certainly not perfect.
  • It is satisfying to simply post and let themes emerge. These themes are likely to change over time as well. This blog should be organic, and that might take the pressure off trying too hard. What a hobby!

19 December 2019

  • It’s making more sense to put the Housekeeping” post as a page rather than as a part of the blog. It is now accessible from the left-hand column.

18 December 2019

  • After a while with Console”, I’ve decided to switch to the Default” theme. I felt that having only the titles displayed was unhelpful as it did not allow viewers to simply scroll through and see what was interesting. Given that many of my posts here are rather short, they were more appropriately displayed all at once. I’ll use the option in the future for longer posts (probably?).

13 November 2019

  • Looked into how to list all the tags into a Tags” page.

7 November 2019

  • I’ve forked Console” to Console Meta” to edit to include more meta-data on the front page. The front page will show the tags for each post now, to give a bit more context to what each post it at a glance. Now to refine it
  • I’ve added” an About page, but haven’t written anything on it yet. That’s definitely high on my to-do list for this blog, but it is also slightly paralysing.
  • Independent Variable has some tips on liveblogging using Blot and Drafts. I’m particularly interested to see how the CSS elements can be used to arrange the posts more clearly.
  • Helpful post on hacking” the metadata. Blot on custom metadata. (Both these links courtesy of

5 November 2019

  • Thinking of changing the name of the blog — probably this is why I’ll never have a nice long-running blog. I’ll probably switch the name, or switch the service, or switch the domain name. One of the great things about Blot is that I’ll be able to keep all of these as texts.
  • This is also a test to see if the metadata will update to the latest update
  • Update: Looks like it won’t update. It appears to be tagged to the date the file is created.
  • Looks like I’ll be updating the metadata for such posts individually, although there might be a solution in setting how the metadata is automatically extracted from the file itself.
  • Themes wise, I think I’ll be jumping between Rosa” and Console” quite a bit. I like the feel of Console”, there’s a rough-and-ready character, especially where it shows the file-names of the images uploaded. I’d probably like to edit it at some point to have a list of tags available at one glance.
  • By editing the title of a page, it does change the permalink”. This might make it harder for people to find the page again (if anyone was so inclined), so perhaps it might be necessary to modify the permalink metadata for each post?
  • I’d like to consider having updated posts immediately jump to the top of the blog, so that the list of posts corresponds to when they were last edited. That might make more sense with how I appear to be using the blog.

4 November 2019

  • I’ve directed to this blog. That should be its home for the near future.
  • Experimented with a few images (see below) — I’d like to get back to the freedom of posting images without being too worried about attribution and whatnot (good ol’ Tumblr days).
  • Tags are interesting with the use of folders.
  • I’ll leave this Housekeeping document as one page and see how it works throughout Blot. Rather than create a new post each time, I’ll just keep the date to indicate what has changed. It’ll be interesting to see if this kind of on-going writing works well with Blot. Given how this system works, it might be worth being diligent about a changelog for each post”.
  • Still going to use #hashtags for integration with IA Writer (where I’ve also put the Blot” folder in Locations” so I can draft directly into the blog page).
  • All very exciting!