20 August 2020

Migrating from Dropbox

I’ve moved my cloud storage from Dropbox to OneDrive, largely because I am already paying for the Microsoft 365 Family Plan. It didn’t make any sense to have a paid Dropbox account alongside that. The migration went much smoother than expected, and it was a good chance to do some spring cleaning.

After migrating, I noticed that the fan on my laptop was spinning up even though I wasn’t doing anything. A quick peek at the Activity Monitor and what do I see? Dropbox happily using 98% of the CPU doing… well, nothing that I could perceive.

I was keeping Dropbox on my laptop just for Blot, but then remembered that Blot had Git support too! So, I quickly transferred to Git, and am going to try to to use this from now on. It just makes sense, and I do hope it works.

My sincerest apologies to anyone if your RSS feed happens to be spammed by old posts being re-posted here.


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