24 December 2019

The Attraction of Newsletters (Daring Fireball)

And readers love newsletters. Websites are getting harder and harder to read. Paywalls forget who you are on a seemingly weekly basis. Websites put interstitial popovers directly over the content you’re trying to read. Videos are set to autoplay. It’s like they’re purposefully making it hard to read. Newsletters have none of that. They’re just easy and fun to read. The web can and should be that way too, but all too often it’s not.

A great summary from John Gruber of what makes newsletters a perfect medium for countering trends in web content that are, frankly, hostile to the reader.

Perhaps the comeback of newsletters is related, in part, to the increasing unfamiliarity of most web users with RSS? Newsletters operate with a content delivery system that does not require any additional technology, since pretty much everybody who would be reading websites and newsletters would already have email addresses. But this hypothesis falls short, I guess, since those who read newsletters are also likely to be more savvy” and have RSS readers of their own.

P.S.: I guess it is somewhat odd to be link-posting a link-post, but hey, no one writes the rules here, except me.

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