5 November 2019

Thoughts on Blogging

I’d like to think that the more that you try to say, the more you’ll get used to verbalising the vague impulses that are often mistaken for fully-formed thoughts. I’m sure most people will have had the experience of feeling something, then, at the moment when they try to put words on paper, have that feeling completely change, or escape, never to be felt in the same way ever again.

Blogging, I think, works like dream notebooks, that is, notebooks placed next to the bed so that you spend the first waking moments jotting down the dreams you’ve had before they escape forever. For this to happen, the blog needs to be quite low friction — posting should be easy and quick — and forgiving of fragments and mistakes.

That’s probably what I like best about this current blog. I can go straight to my text editor and edit the post as many times as I wish, without having to go into the blog’s interface to edit the post there. One can always write in the editor you want and then post elsewhere, but editing has always been a difficulty. For example, I thought that the previous ending to this post was too saccharine and this paragraph is entirely new. Of course, it makes it hard to track, and it might be a little dishonest (or at least, deceiving), but this power over editing has really given me greater confidence to blog. Friction doesn’t just arise with the technical aspects of blogging, it is also generated when there are social or conventional barriers to writing. This easy editing gets over both types of friction.

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